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Health Conditions 

Eden Family Chiropractic focuses on the improving functional health and eliminating syptoms that you are experiencing and getting to the root cause of each symptom rather then just “band aiding” each function disorder. 

Each symptom is caused by a subluxations. 

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As we can all agree your brain controls your entire body. Your brain sends signals down your spine out your nerves to communicate with your body. When there is a subluxation (misalignment) of the vertebrae then pressure is put on those nerves and your body is unable to complete the necessary functional needs.

Each Vertebrae controls a function of your body. The chart shows what each vertebrae controls and side effects from a subluxation.

At Eden Family Chiropractic not only do we want to see our patients out of pain, but our goal is for each patient to have the best functioning nervous system to improve the quality of their day to day life

A Personal Testimony


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